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Italian Cognac Belt

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This hand made belt is crafted from genuine Italian leather right in our Northeast Indiana workshop.

It comes with a rounded buckle to protect the leather and increase the life of the belt. There is a 3rd piece of leather sewn into the center to give it a raised center look perfect for a dress belt! This belt doesn't have any of the fillers or cardboard you would find in cheap department store dress belts. Each of our belts are made by hand by Amish craftsmen in the USA.

  • Approx. 5/16" Thick
  • Belt is 1 1/4" Wide
  • Dual Layered with a 3rd layer of leather inside for a raised center look
  • Genuine Cognac Italian Leather
  • Rounded edge polished buckle minimizes stress on the leather
  • Strong Nylon Stitching
  • 7 Holes Spaced 1" Apart
  • Amish Handcrafted in Northern Indiana