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Elephant Caramel iPhone 6/6s

Regular price $ 104.99

Our Amish craftsmen take their time and craft each one of these premium elephant hide iPhone cases by hand using leather techniques handed down for hundreds of years.

This iPhone 6/6s holder is made with caramel brown tanned elephant leather, imported from Africa and crafted in the USA. This case will last for years and offers a unique look that stands out from the generic phone cases you can purchase everywhere else. This phone case has a special micro-suction pad that holds the phone in place so there is no need for annoying straps.

  • Caramel Brown Elephant Hide Leather
  • Designed for iPhone 6s/6 (will not fit most other phones)
  • Inside pocket to hold cards, IDs, or notes
  • Micropore pad holds the phone in place
  • Hole for rear camera use
  • Second layer of black lining leather on inside
  • Amish Handcrafted in Northern Indiana
Our African Elephant Hides are imported CITES certified and in accordance with U.S. and African regulations.

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